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August 1, 2023

Horvitz & Levy appears in the California Supreme Court more frequently than any other private law firm.  In July 2023, Horvitz & Levy obtained three straight wins for its clients in the California Supreme Court after those clients had lost in the lower courts.  

In Boermeester v. Carry (2023), attorneys Jeremy Rosen, Mark Kressel, Scott Dixler, and Beth Jay persuaded the Supreme Court to disapprove a series of recent opinions that had required private universities to adhere to a demanding due process standard when conducting disciplinary proceedings involving claims of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.  The Supreme Court, overruling those opinions, held that universities are not required to allow live cross-examination of the victims in such proceedings.  

Boermeester followed shortly after Allied Premier Ins. v. United Financial Cas. Co. (2023), where partners Lisa Perrochet and Peder Batalden secured a win for the insurance industry, obtaining a decision clarifying that commercial auto coverage does not persist indefinitely if the insurer fails to cancel DMV certificates.  Earlier in the month, in County of Santa Clara v. Superior Court (2023), attorneys Mitchell Tilner, Peder Batalden, and Beth Jay persuaded the Supreme Court to reverse a decision that prevented their hospital clients from seeking reimbursement from public agencies for emergency services.  

Successive wins of this nature are rare and serve as a testament to the high quality of the firm’s advocacy in the California Supreme Court. To learn more about our history of achievement, please click here