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Business & Commercial Law

We know what it's like when a business is threatened with a large judgment in a commercial dispute, one that may threaten its very existence. We know that threat affects every aspect of a business, from its day-to-day operations to its relations with suppliers, customers, and regulators. We know the looming threat of a large judgment can sometimes require a coordinated media strategy. And we know this threat demands prompt, decisive legal action tailored to the unique demands of a company's industry and financial position.

We know all of this because we regularly represent companies appealing the largest verdicts in California. In past years, we've handled appeals from more than half of the ten largest California verdicts in a particular year and we regularly represent businesses in precedent-setting appeals on key issues affecting their industries. (For our experience with strategic litigation planning and consulting, see our Trial Consultation practice page.)

Whether your company is facing such a verdict in a commercial dispute—or seeking to preserve one—we can help. Businesses and individuals turn to us because they want the assurance of appellate representation from a firm with long experience in such high-stakes litigation. Our track record of success in such appeals provides that assurance.

Contact Barry R. Levy or David M. Axelrad for more information about our Business & Commercial Law practice.

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