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Horvitz & Levy is a solutions-based firm focused on appellate success. We are distinguished by our commitment to responsive service and on-going innovation in the areas of civil appellate litigation, amicus curiae support, and trial strategy consultation.

Our firm history, honors and awards, and locations speak to our collaborative approach and commitment to serving clients as well as the outstanding legal resources we bring to bear.

We pride ourselves in producing good results for our clients. Below are selected examples of our clients’ recent victories on appeal. Click the links to read more details.

Perez v. Oakdale Irrigation District (2024)

California Court of Appeal affirms summary judgment in a published opinion preserving “canal immunity” for public entities in a wrongful death action.

Moir v. Ventura Locksmiths (2024)

Court of Appeal affirms modest judgment in personal injury action, rejecting plaintiff’s bid for a new trial.

Carolina Beverage Corp. v. FIJI Water (2024)

California Court of Appeal reverses $6 million award and holds that “constructive termination” of a commercial distribution contract is not a viable theory of recovery under California common law.

A.L. v. Harbor Developmental Disabilities Foundation (2024)

California Court of Appeal limits the duties owed by regional centers for the developmentally disabled.

Novoa v. Honda (2024)

California Court of Appeal denies plaintiff’s writ petition on the merits in lemon law arbitration dispute.

Al Shikha v. Lyft (2024)

In a published opinion, California Court of Appeal holds there is no common-law duty to run criminal background checks on passengers before they can be permitted to use the Lyft rideshare app.

Hinshaw v. Anaheim City Centre (2024)

Horvitz & Levy successfully defends summary judgment in a premises liability case.

Musharbash v. San Antonio Regional Hospital (2024)

Horvitz & Levy successfully secures writ relief ordering summary judgment in favor of hospital in wrongful death.

Patterson v. College Medical Center (2024)

Horvitz & Levy successfully secures writ relief protecting medical center from discovery order compelling it to release psychiatric patients’ contact information.

LaMarr v. UC Regents (2024)

Horvitz & Levy successfully defends judgment in favor of The UC Regents in an employment case involving an employee who voluntarily transferred to a lower-ranked position to avoid facing possible termination.

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