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Products Liability & Toxic Torts

Horvitz & Levy has an extensive products liability and toxic torts practice, representing a wide array of manufacturers in various industries, from consumer products to industrial chemicals and equipment. We have participated in numerous precedent-setting appeals in this area, including cases that established the authority of trial judges to exclude expert testimony lacking in foundation and the availability of the sophisticated user defense in failure to warn cases.

We also have an active practice in asbestos litigation, an area that continues to expand in California. While other jurisdictions have adopted reforms to limit disproportionate and unwarranted liability in this area, California has not, resulting in an increase in trial court filings and a new wave of appellate litigation.

As part of our products liability and toxic torts practice, we keep our clients apprised of developments and trends in this fluid area of the law, to assist in formulating an overall strategic approach that will not only help win the case at hand, but protect the client’s longterm interests.

Contact Curt Cutting or Lisa Perrochet for more information about our Products Liability & Toxic Torts practice.

Representative Wins

Representative Briefs

  • Rudolph v. Rudolph and Sletten, Inc (2018)

    California Court of Appeal opening brief, arguing that the doctrine of workers' compensation exclusivity applies to claims alleging that an employer is responsible for take-home asbestos exposures.

  • Shinedling v. Sunbeam Products, Inc. (2016)

    Ninth Circuit brief arguing that manufacturer’s warnings about risk of fire on portable radiant space heater were adequate as a matter of law.

  • O'Neil v. Crane Co. (2010)

    California Supreme Court brief arguing that a defendant cannot be liable for injuries caused by a product it did not manufacture or distribute.