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Kirk C. Jenkins
Kirk C. Jenkins

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Kirk C. Jenkins

While the trial teams of public corporations and major insurance companies work to win the case at trial, Kirk Jenkins focuses on what will happen afterwards. For this reason, Kirk is sought after as an essential part of a litigation team even before trial begins. He works to ensure the clients’ themes and points are presented in the best way to persuade an appellate court and that the client’s objections to any adverse decisions have been preserved. Kirk helps the trial team craft the client’s arguments with an eye towards not just what the law is, but what the law may soon become because of not-yet decided cases pending in the appellate courts.

Kirk is a partner at Horvitz & Levy and prior to opening the firm’s San Francisco office, Kirk was the chair of Sedgwick’s Appellate Task Force. Kirk has served as appellate counsel in approximately 200 appeals and petitions for interlocutory review in state and federal courts across the country. Kirk has briefed and argued many post-trial motions in the trial courts, reducing adverse judgments and improving the record for appeal before the appeal ever begins. He has also appeared before higher courts as amicus in cases presenting related issues and helped move the law in a more beneficial direction before the client’s case was decided.