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Kirk C. Jenkins
Kirk C. Jenkins

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Kirk C. Jenkins

Kirk Jenkins has served as appellate counsel in approximately 200 appeals and petitions for interlocutory review in state and federal courts across the country. And yet, he understands that sometimes the most successful appeals are the ones that don’t have to happen — whether because the plaintiff concludes that an appeal from a defense verdict is unlikely to succeed, or because post-trial motions have reduced an adverse verdict to the point where an acceptable resolution is possible.

For that reason, Mr. Jenkins believes that an appellate lawyer is an essential part of a litigation team even before trial begins. While the trial team works to win the case at trial, Kirk focuses on what will happen afterwards.

Beginning even before the jury is chosen, he works to ensure that the clients’ themes and points are presented in the best way to persuade an appellate court and that the client’s objections to any adverse decisions have been preserved, sometimes briefing and arguing key motions before the trial court himself. Mr. Jenkins helps the trial team craft the client’s arguments with an eye towards not just what the law is, but what the law may soon become because of not-yet decided cases pending in the appellate courts.

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