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Intellectual Property

Horvitz & Levy has represented clients in a diverse array of intellectual property appeals involving copyrights and trademarks, rights of publicity, scientific discoveries, and trade secrets. The key to our success is simple. We distill complex facts and legal arguments and present them in a clear and thoughtful manner to appellate judges who often lack the IP expertise of our clients.

Our attorneys have experience across a wide spectrum of IP issues. We have briefed or argued cutting-edge trade secrets issues (such as whether business projections and estimates may be protected and the alleged use of trade secrets to establish a competing company), copyright issues (including the copyright misuse doctrine and novel issues relating to damages for infringement), trademark issues (including false advertising, priority in using marks, the scope of nationwide and international injunctions, and the defense of laches), and the use of brand-name drug patents to block generic competitors.

Our efforts have been resoundingly successful. We have reduced or eliminated millions of dollars in unwarranted jury verdicts. We have preserved a client’s nine-figure award of royalty payments. And we have won cases in both the federal and state courts that have shaped the law to favor our clients’ interests.

Contact Peder K. Batalden or Eric S. Boorstin for more information about our Intellectual Property practice.

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