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Judicial Council Approves New and Revised CACI Instructions Effective May 25, 2018.

May 30, 2018

Upon recommendation of the CACI Committee, the California Judicial Council has approved a number of new California Civil Jury Instructions. The proposed new instructions are:


  • CACI No. 2630, Violation of New Parent Leave Act—Essential Factual Elements (elements for plaintiffs claiming employers refused to either grant parental leave or allow return from leave to a comparable job under the New Parent Leave Act).
  • CACI No. 2740, Violation of Equal Pay Act—Essential Factual Elements (elements for plaintiffs claiming employers paid them less than employees of a different race, sex, or ethnicity performing substantially similar work under the Equal Pay Act).
  • CACI No. 2741, Affirmative Defenses—Different Pay Justified (employer’s affirmative defenses justifying disparate pay).
  • CACI No. 2742, Bona Fide Factor Other Than Sex, Race, or Ethnicity (outlines employer’s affirmative defense of a “bona fide factor” justifying disparate pay).
  • CACI No. 2743, Equal Pay Act—Retaliation—Essential Factual Elements (elements for plaintiffs claiming retaliation against employers for pursuing equal pay).

False Claims Act

  • CACI No. 4800, False Claims Act—Essential Factual Elements (elements for plaintiffs bringing a claim on behalf of a public entity under the False Claims Act).
  • CACI No. 4801, Implied Certification of Compliance With All Contractual Provisions—Essential Factual Elements (elements under the False Claims Act for a plaintiff claiming a defendant falsely certified by implication that it fulfilled the terms of a contract).


  • CACI No. 5022, Introduction to General Verdict Form (defines a jury’s responsibilities when being asked to answer a general verdict form).

The Judicial Council also accepted the CACI Committee’s recommendation to revise 24 existing instructions, which cover a wide variety of topics. In addition, the Judicial Council accepted a CACI recommendation to revoke CACI No. 4010, Limiting Instruction—Expert Testimony, in light of the California Supreme Court’s decision in People v. Sanchez, which holds that a limiting instruction is insufficient to cure hearsay problems with expert witness testimony.

The new instructions took effect on May 25, 2018.

More Information

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