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Recent Wins

We pride ourselves in producing good results for our clients.  Below are selected examples of our clients’ recent victories on appeal.  Click the links to read more details.

  • Finley v. Club One, Inc. (2012)
    Court of Appeal holds health club member’s personal injury lawsuit is barred by liability waiver in membership agreement.
  • Wang v. Heck (2012)
    California Court of Appeal holds doctor not liable for recommending that the DMV reinstate the license of an epileptic patient.
  • O'Neil v. Crane Co. (2012)
    California Supreme Court holds that product manufacturers cannot be liable for injuries caused by replacement parts.
  • Barrese v. Murray (2011)
    California Court of Appeal reverses jury verdict and remands for reconsideration of motion for new trial.
  • State Farm General Insurance Co. v. Frake (2011)
    California Court of Appeal holds insured’s deliberate act is not an ‘accident,’ and thus does not trigger liability insurer’s duty to defend, even if resulting injury was unintentional.
  • Heston v. Taser (2011)
    Ninth Circuit affirms district court’s reduction of damages award and orders further reduction, leaving defendant responsible for only $150,000 of original $7.6 million award.
  • In re Pineda (2011)
    Horvitz & Levy petition to California Supreme Court results in reconsideration of ruling against abused minor.
  • State Farm v. Lee (2011)
    California Court of Appeal affirms order granting motion to strike cross-complaint for abuse of process.

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