Recent Wins

  • R.R. v. H.F. (2014)
    California Court of Appeal orders trial court to enforce mother's rights to legal custody and reconsider her request for greater visitation with her now six-year-old child.
  • Haggis v. Yari (2014)
    California Court of Appeal reverses $12 million judgment in dispute over film profits, finding no substantial evidence to support trial court’s alter ego finding
  • Jay v. Mahaffey (2013)
    California Court of Appeal affirms denial of anti-SLAPP motion in malicious prosecution case.
  • Malin v. Singer (2013)
    California Court of Appeal reverses trial court and orders dismissal of extortion claim against attorney.
  • Cann v. Stefanec (2013)
    Court of Appeal holds that primary assumption of risk doctrine bars suit by college swimmer injured in weight room accident.
  • S. R. v. Superior Court (2013)
    Superior court grants domestic violence victim’s request for a waiver of court fees after Court of Appeal issues alternative writ of mandate.

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