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Jon B. Eisenberg
Jon B. Eisenberg

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Jon B. Eisenberg

Jon B. Eisenberg, “of counsel” with Horvitz & Levy, has nearly four decades of experience in appellate litigation. He is the principal author of the leading treatise on California civil appellate practice, The Rutter Group’s “California Practice Guide: Civil Appeals and Writs.” He has argued a dozen cases in the California Supreme Court and nearly 100 cases in the California Courts of Appeal and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and D.C. Circuit.

Mr. Eisenberg’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies, to nonprofit entities, to individuals of modest means in pro bono litigation. His appellate practice in recent years has been split evenly between business litigation and public interest and pro bono work. He has participated in numerous civil rights cases involving issues such as same-sex marriage, the right to die, affirmative action, religious liberty, national security, and detention at Guantánamo Bay. His 2006 book “The Right vs. The Right to Die” is a nonfiction account of the Terri Schiavo case, in which he participated as one of the attorneys representing Michael Schiavo. 


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